30% discount at cart 🛒 Sonda Turner Nampijmpa - 96 x 67 cm
30% discount at cart 🛒 Sonda Turner Nampijmpa - 96 x 67 cm

30% discount at cart 🛒 Sonda Turner Nampijmpa - 96 x 67 cm

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Tjintirrtjintirrpa Tjurkurrpa – Willy wagtail dreaming



STORY:  All the women went hunting for bushtucker and lit the bushfire in the spinifex grass, one Mother she turning round then one other women snuck up and took her baby while she was collecting the bushtuckers and she was reaching over for the bush fruit and safely put her baby behind her but the other woman came and swapped babies – that mother one was good way picking that fruit, but the devil woman came behind her and swapped her bad baby with the good baby and disappeared.  When the woman finished picking the fruit she turned around to pick up her baby but that baby was different, crying and no good.  The woman had lost her good baby and started searching far and wide, around to all the communities to look for her good baby, she held the bad baby all the way it was crying and crying.  Her tracks there in the sand, all the travelling everywhere until finally she saw smoke in the distance the devil baby woman making a fire over the mountains there – she follow the bushfire and did the same, she snuck up on her to get her good ababy back, she swapped the babies back and went far away all the way back to her family at home, grew those wings and flew all the way, over all the mountains and home safe now, flying over Watyi Wannu country safe forever. Watyi Wannu Luritja Country, Mount Liebig Northern Territory

96 x 67 cm - excluding black border

Acrylic on high grade Black triple primed 12 oz quality canvas.

Registered freight within Australia, GST and RESALE ROYALTY INCLUDED in price.

Artwork accompanied by story, photo and certificate of authenticity. #EthicalAuthenticAboriginalArt

SISTER7 acknowledge the Larrakia people as the Traditional owners of the Darwin region. We pay respect to the Larrakia Elders, both past and present